We learn about your business and know the industries in which you operate. Our lawyers are committed to keeping abreast of matters affecting the business environment in which our clients operate. We represent clients in the following industries: Business/Corporate Law Attorney, Estate Law Attorney/ Estate Planning, International Finance and Tax Attorney, Immigration, Government and Public Interest Attorney, Merger and Acquisition

Estate Planning

Our lawyers help clients to navigate routine and highly complex real property matters. Since real property issues arise in the context of corporate, commercial, and financial transactions, our law firm can provide you with the guidance and advice necessary to achieving your company's objectives. Whether your matter involves proposed development of land, oil and mining leases, a property line dispute, or another real property issue, Phillip Richardson LLP will work to resolve the matter in an efficient and beneficial manner.

International Law

We are a premier law firm for structuring and preparing complex banking and corporate finance transactions. The Firm also provides general advisory services to clients in the course of their business operations. For any legal assistance and advice for banking or corporate finance transaction or more generalized guidance for day-to-day business operations, Phillip Richardson LLP;s clients benefit from its extensive experience and personalized service.

Business / Corporate

Phillip Richardson LLP offers a wide range of corporate and commercial law services, including due diligence and company secretarial services. The firm also has an impressive advisory portfolio traversing such diverse issues as corporate structure, corporate contracts, corporate governance, regulation of corporations, the organization and mode of subscription of capital, transferability of shares, composition of the board and management, labour, compensation, staff welfare and pension issues and finance.

Public Interest Attorney

Our team comprises of professionals with the necessary legal and financial skills to provide our clients with the range of integrated services needed in an increasingly global regulatory framework. Our advisory services across several regulatory frameworks including those associated with anti-corruption laws, economic sanctions, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws, and competition laws.

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